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Dofus, developed by Ankama Games, is a massively multi-player online role-playing game, or MMORPG, with a strategic element. Taking place in a fictional setting known as ‘The World of Twelve’, players take control of a 2D avatar, engage in turn-based battles, gain experience, level up, explore and complete missions.

The game was originally released in the French language in 2004, but has since been translated into several other languages and now has a global player base. In total, it is estimated that more than 20 million people have played the game and Dofus has more than a million active monthly subscribers.


A turn-orientated online RPG, Dofus uses the Adobe Flash platform and is essentially a pay-to-play game, requiring players to take out a monthly subscription. With that being said, there are some free-to-play elements, but players are severely restricted in terms of the game areas they can explore and the levels their character can reach.

In terms of core gameplay, the player controls their character from a third-person perspective and the game world is made up of hexagonal tiles. Movement and attacks are turn-based, providing a tactical element, and each of these turns are also timed, in order to keep the game flowing.

Characters and Classes

At the beginning of the game, players have the chance to create a character, selecting from one of the 32 in-game avatars, as well as one of the 17 different character classes. This provides players with a decent amount of scope to customise not only their character’s appearance, but their gameplay style as well.

Each of the 17 different character classes will provide the player with different strengths and weaknesses, depending on the player’s own preferences. For example, some specialise in close combat, while others are better suited to long-range attacks. The character class chosen will also impact upon various behavioural elements.

In-Game Currency

Progressing through the game, completing missions or quests, winning battles and carrying out other in-game tasks will help players to earn the in-game currency, called ‘Kamas’. This money can then be spent at one of the three cities in ‘The World of Twelve’ that contain a marketplace, in order to buy items and equipment.

A second in-game currency also exists, called ‘Ogrines’, and these can be used to purchase various services, or even to pay for a player’s subscription. Moreover, the Kama and Ogrine Exchange allows players to trade Kamas for Ogrines, or Ogrines for Kamas with other players, who can choose the amounts involved in the exchanges.

Crafting System

Finally, Dofus includes a crafting system, which is simple to get to grips with, but which also provides more depth than many other games of this type, thanks to a professions system.

Essentially, players are able to choose up to three professions, with 18 to choose from. These professions are broadly divided into ‘Crafting’ and ‘Gathering’ professions and different professions, or combinations of professions, allow for different items to be crafted. The items crafted may include weapons, accessories and equipment.